Outdoor meal FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions we face with our customers. If you can not find your answer, you are of course welcome to contact us through the consumer contact.

Does Continental Foods use any GMO ingredients in their products?No

Does Continental Foods use any additives in their products?Yes, in those products where the manufacturing process is required to ensure a good product and quality. There are a number of food additives that are approved by the Food Agency, eg Emulsifiers E322 which is usually one of lecithin originating from soybean. In cooking at home, you can use fresh egg yolk as an emulsifier, this is not possible in our products.

Does Continental Foods the ambition to reduce the salt content in their products?We already have in our development started to reduce our salt and will continue gradual reduction to that way follow NFA's recommendations which would ensure a gradual reduction of the intake of salt with 1/2 g per half year.

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