Ground Zero

Ground Zero tells what may be the most important story of our time. In a setting of ragged mountains, fjords and mighty glaciers, you will follow the polar bear mother as she takes her newborns out on the ice for their fi rst hunt, you will experience the polar night - a season when the moon, the stars and the colorful auroras are the only sources of light. In a story based on actual events, you will travel over the seemingly endless pack-ice of the Arctic Ocean and witness its impressive wildlife struggling for survival in the most extreme, and at the same time most beautiful, environment on earth. Through the eyes of a very special polar bear, you will experience a world of ice in transformation, and learn about a how we are within reach of the tipping point - the irreversible moment when the climate on Planet Earth begins collapsing.

The Arctic, more than any other place on Earth, is our climate front line. The future of a living planet is directly tied to the future of this region, because what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic.

This is the most urgent of times, but it is also times of great hope, new directions and ideas. Let’s take the lead together.


Brutus Östling    

Fredrik Granath


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