Ola Skinnarmo

Ola Skinnarmo is one of Sweden’s most famous and foremost adventurers. He has a long history of thrilling expeditions:

  •  Ola was the first Swede and the youngest ever to reach the South Pole solo in December of 1998. He skied 1200 km in 60 days.
  • In 2000 he embarked on an expedition to the North Pole from Siberia. 48 days later, overcoming polar bear attacks and daily temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius, Ola reached the North Pole, the first Swede ever to do so.

“I have chosen to eat Blå Band’s Outdoor Meals on my expeditions as they are nutritious, tasty, easy to cook and lightweight. These meals ensure that I remain healthy in body and mind, regardless of whether I am hiking a trail nearby or am crossing Greenland on skis.”

Ola Skinnarmo

Ola S 


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