Solo Sister

With another record in her luggage, Johanna Davidsson has now returned to the Antarctic coast. She became not only the fastest woman in the world to ski solo to the South Pole but was also the fastest ever return.

After more than 38 days of skiin, Johanna Davidsson reached the South Pole on Christmas Eve. After 18 days, this time with a kite, she reached Hercules Inlet's starting point on the Antarctic coast. She became the first Swede to make a return trip and became the fastest woman ever returning the South Pole, a total of 2 270 kilometers.

Johanna's comments about our food:

I only have a positive say about the food. It was good that I had your food at me and my sister's Greenland expedition. That way, I knew what dishes I liked and which that would not work out as well. I had a few dishes I had done myself because I was afraid I would get tired of Blå Band freeze dried, but it would turn out that my own dishes were tasteless, less calories, and worked badly in the cold. In addition, I was never tired of your food. For every meal I was watered in my mouth and I enjoyed the food. I also think that I made it because that I had appetite all the time and got all my nutrition.

Bildresultat för solo sister

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